By YARobles

I have tried different facial wash like Pond's, Olay, Dove, and Eskinol just to get rid facial oil, pimples, and all others. These facial cleansers are all okay. I have tried almost all types of Pond's facial wash - all in all, I can only give five over ten rate for it. Olay and Dove facial cleansers are just fine but none of their cleansers meets my expectation.

I stopped using facial cleansers for about three months since then. I have lost my interest trying and hoping that there will be one brand that will be good enough for my face - to give complete solution to my facial skin problems. However, I went to my favorite beauty store and looked for a new brand for a facial wash. As I checked out each brand’s newest product, one brand caught my eyes.

Garnier’s new Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub has a great packaging and I love its scent. When I saw this new product, I did not think twice to purchase it. I was so excited to use it, so I immediately went home and tried it.

After I washed my face with it, I felt so refreshed and my face was so cleansed. At first, I enjoyed using it because of its smell but after a week of using it, I observed that my face is improving. I got rid of my oily skin, pimples, and other facial skin frustrations. It became now my best buddy - my favorite facial wash. I am completely satisfied with its effect on my skin.

However, even though this product is very effective, you should be careful using this. I have experienced many times that when some of it gets in my nose accidentally - I felt so irritated. Also, I recommend this facial wash because it is worth your money, but for those who have a sensitive skin, I cannot advise you to use it. If you really want to try it, I suggest that you should apply it on the back of your hand first before using it on your face to test if it will not irritate your skin.

By Jillian Hee
The intense summer heat makes my face oilier than ever. Sun exposure, even for several minutes, easily made me look haggard and exhausted. The strong sunlight effortlessly overpowered my ordinary face powder, and thus made my face sparkling with oil. And because of this, I need a powder that can somehow reduce the oil on my face. Maybelline Clear Smooth promised to give a longer-lasting cover up so I decided to give it a try.

The Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-One case comes in rectangular pink compact. Compared to the Maybelline Clear Extra Smooth foundation, the Maybelline Clear Smooth has a wider mirror and a separate place for the sponge applicator. It is also lightweight and perfectly fits inside a small bag or purse. However, it is much smaller compared to the foundation that comes in round shape.

What I love about this powder foundation is its nice smell and smooth texture. When I spread it on my face, it lightened my skin and covered some of my blemishes and imperfection. It removes oil on my T-zone. And as compared to other powder foundation I’ve tried, it lasted longer than I expected. More so, it has SPF 25 which is much higher compared to other brands. It’s best to wear during mornings since it has a higher UV rays protection. It is recommended for those who have oily skin and for those who wanted a quick fix on ordinary days.  

Another thing that made me purchase this product is its affordable price. It costs only Php 249 for the whole compact and Php 149 for the refill. It is much cheaper as compared to other branded powder foundation. Also, it doesn’t easily get consumed because you don’t need numerous application.

The only setback of this product is its small sponge - it’s too small for my hands. Aside from that, this powder foundation is good. All in all, I was satisfied with this powder foundation. I will definitely purchase it again next time.
By YARobles
I love to wear make-up and I have been a fan of cosmetics since my high school days. I love how it transforms the way I look. At first, I have no particular likes and dislikes when it comes to make-ups. However, in my senior year, I started to be choosy with the cosmetics I wear. I became more concerned with the effect of the product to my skin than its appearance. 

My Nichido Experience

I started using Nichido cosmetics since I graduated college. Nichido Powder Plus Foundation is one of my best friends ever since. I love how it covered my blemishes and added glow to my pale skin. The only thing I don’t like about this foundation is that it easily runs. Aside from the Plus Foundation, I also love the Mineral Kohl Pencil, a water-resistant eyeliner that perfectly adds definition to my eyes. Its particular disadvantage is that it can’t be easily removed with water. I always have a hard time removing it before going to sleep. The last but not the least of my favorite Nichido products is the Nichido True Colors Collection Powder Blush. It makes my face looks naturally rosy, but it does not last longer than I expected.  

Revlon is the BEST

Although I am contented with Nichido products, I still want to try other make-up products for a change, especially the expensive ones. So I decided to purchase a Revlon PhotoReady™ Powder Foundation. At first, I hesitated to buy it because of its high price. However, the saleslady convinced me to take it. I tried it to my face and it was perfect. It last longer than I expect it to last. I never regretted the amount of money I have spent for it. It was really worth the price. 

All in all, I am satisfied with these two cosmetic brands. Their price is just right for their effectiveness. Nevertheless, I would still prefer the Nichido brand because it is much more practical to purchase than Revlon.