By YARobles

If I were to choose my top three deals from the top three sites posted previously, I would choose the best priced deals that I need. Below are the deals that I find useful and undoubtedly affordable.


If you want escape stress and relax a bit, this deal is perfect for you. What makes this deal on top of my list? First, I need a vacation to get some relaxation and Bohol Bee Farm is the perfect place. Second, this deal has a great discount. With an original price of P10,500, you can now avail it for only P5,288 through GroupOn's deal. This includes breakfast for three days, tours, roundtrip airport transfers, and a whole-day countryside tour. Last, but not the least, this deal will take you to Baclayon Church and Museum, Blood Compact Site, Loboc River, Man-made Forest, and Chocolate Hills.


Who would not grab this Laser Teeth Whitening Package from Cash Cash Pinoy? This deal includes a Whitening Pen and Professional Consultation from BrightSmile. Since teeth whitening is an expensive procedure, this deal is both useful and convenient. It is offered at the discounted price of P999 (amazing 72% savings). This is one deal that I will definitely avail.

Top #3: Ensogo Products - CookMaster Coffeemaker

A combined Mother's and Father's Day gift to my parents. They both love drinking coffee, so I'm sure they will appreciate having this cool CookMaster Coffeemaker deal from Ensogo. This deal is perfect if you are on a tight budget but want something special for your loved ones. It only costs P499, giving you a 59% discount.

In today's lousy economy, it is always better to pay less than more. One way of doing this is taking advantage of the great deals and offers through group buying sites. Group buying sites feature special deals from different retailers, helping practical people like us get quality products and services at affordable prices. These sites promise to help us save more money in every purchase we make.

Listed below are the top 25 group buying sites you could use for your future shopping needs. Use these sites to comparison shop and get the best deal suited for your lifestyle and budget.

  1.     http://www.cashcashpinoy.com/
  2.     http://www.ensogo.com.ph/
  3.     http://www.beeconomic.com.ph/
  4.     http://www.metrodeal.com/index.php
  5.     http://www.dealspot.ph/
  6.     http://www.cleverbuy.com.ph/
  7.     https://dealgrocer.com/
  8.     http://www.buyanihan.com/
  9.     http://pakyaw.com.ph/
  10.     https://www.kuponan.ph/
  11.     http://www.tcat.com.ph
  12.     http://www.bigdeals.com.ph/
  13.     http://cheezydeals.com/
  14.     http://www.citypoynt.com/
  15.     http://www.dealdozen.com/
  16.     http://www.dealstent.com/
  17.     http://crazydeals.ph/
  18.     http://www.dealsdiba.com/
  19.     http://www.dealamigos.com/
  20.     http://www.okayokay.com/
  21.     http://mydeluxecity.com/page/feature
  22.     http://www.halohalodeals.com/
  23.     http://discounteddeals.multiply.com/
  24.     http://www.saveonphilippines.com/
  25.     http://www.smacdeals.com/

I've used some of these buying sites before and I was able to save a lot of money on all of my purchases. Try these sites too and take advantage of all the savings.

Watch out for another list of group deal buying sites to come on my next post.