By Jillian Hee

I guess we all heard about the new Magnum Ice Cream. It is the newest Selecta treat that has been receiving tremendous applause over the past few weeks. Magnum became a hit on Facebook as people uploaded pictures and bragged about Magnum’s delightful taste. It also became a trending topic on other social networking sites. Celebrity endorsers, models, fashion icons and other personalities boasted this ice cream’s delicious taste in different ways.  

The Hype

The new Selecta Magnum commercial says it all. Once you’ve tasted this brand new ice cream, you would definitely enjoy the royal treatment, just like what the commercial model experienced. Simply put, Magnum is the ultimate treat. Others agreed to it and even confessed their addiction. Nonetheless,  some are not satisfied and even call it a ‘social-climber’ ice cream.

Enormous appreciations of this frozen-dessert made me eager to try one. However, the price discouraged me. It is Php 55 or Php 60 at convenience stores, and Php 50 at supermarkets. I believe that Php 50 is expensive for a single ice cream. Yet, I can’t say that it’s overpriced unless I’ll try it.

My Verdict

I was very lucky not to shell out Php 50 because my friend volunteered to treat me. So basically, Magnum is a frozen dessert covered with Belgian chocolate with vanilla filling. When I took my first bite, I found Magnum’s chocolate coating harder than the ordinary chocolate coated ice cream. It was thick, luscious, chocolatey. The vanilla filling, on the other hand, was too sweet for me.

Since Magnun is coated with Belgian chocolate, it’s hard to say that it is overpriced. I certainly disagree with the others who say that it is a ‘social-climber’ ice cream. It may be expensive but I think the Belgian chocolate somehow justifies the price. I am just not sure about the vanilla filling.

As for me, I still prefer Selecta Cornetto and other Selecta premium frozen desserts. It’s much affordable and definitely satisfying. Magnum tasted good; it’s not just advisable as a daily chocolate treat.