By YARobles

I have tried different facial wash like Pond's, Olay, Dove, and Eskinol just to get rid facial oil, pimples, and all others. These facial cleansers are all okay. I have tried almost all types of Pond's facial wash - all in all, I can only give five over ten rate for it. Olay and Dove facial cleansers are just fine but none of their cleansers meets my expectation.

I stopped using facial cleansers for about three months since then. I have lost my interest trying and hoping that there will be one brand that will be good enough for my face - to give complete solution to my facial skin problems. However, I went to my favorite beauty store and looked for a new brand for a facial wash. As I checked out each brand’s newest product, one brand caught my eyes.

Garnier’s new Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub has a great packaging and I love its scent. When I saw this new product, I did not think twice to purchase it. I was so excited to use it, so I immediately went home and tried it.

After I washed my face with it, I felt so refreshed and my face was so cleansed. At first, I enjoyed using it because of its smell but after a week of using it, I observed that my face is improving. I got rid of my oily skin, pimples, and other facial skin frustrations. It became now my best buddy - my favorite facial wash. I am completely satisfied with its effect on my skin.

However, even though this product is very effective, you should be careful using this. I have experienced many times that when some of it gets in my nose accidentally - I felt so irritated. Also, I recommend this facial wash because it is worth your money, but for those who have a sensitive skin, I cannot advise you to use it. If you really want to try it, I suggest that you should apply it on the back of your hand first before using it on your face to test if it will not irritate your skin.