By YARobles
As a consumer, I tend to be practical and wise at the same time. I bought and use products that meet my expectations without spending too much. However, when it comes to skincare and hair products, I still purchase them no matter how expensive they are. One example is the Dove brand. I have always been a fan of Dove and I really can’t help buying and trying almost all of their skincare products for my own use.

My Dove Shampoo Experience

As I watched television, the commercial of Dove shampoo captured my eyes and knowing that they are introducing a shampoo product, it amazed me well. The theme song of the commercial got to my ears as well. After watching the commercial, I immediately asked my mom to buy me one. When my mom got home with a new Dove shampoo, I grabbed and smelled the shampoo right away. It was so aromatic that enticed me to take a bath earlier than my routine.

Finally, I got the time to try it and to know if it will meet my anticipations. After trying it, I got nothing more to say than, “Yey! I love it!”  This shampoo really moisturized my hair and made it easier to manage, just the way I expected it to be.

Conflict with Other Brands

The new Dove shampoo is a well made product for hair, but when you use it together with other brands, the effectivity of the product might be reduced. I have tried it with a different conditioner and I was disappointed with the result. My hair turned out to be sticky so I stopped using the conditioner with the Dove shampoo. This prevents the consumer from using other brands they like. 

Dove shampoo is perfect for dry hair as it deeply moisturize your hair and for unmanageable hair as it is easily untangled frizzy hair. However, if you prefer to use conditioner from other brands, you might want to think twice about using it.