Cajun Red Rock by Chef Tony

By: Trish Zamora

Spending time with my sister these days are too few and far between, which is why we never miss a chance to hang out whenever we can. It was during one of these times that our tired feet and hungry stomachs led us to Cajun Red Rock at SM Megamall.

Cajun Red Rock

Cajun Red Rock (pronounced as cay-joon) is an American restaurant that serves Cajun cuisine. Their staff greeted us the minute we stepped into their restaurant. We were seated quickly by the booths and immediately given their menu.

The Menu

Cajun has an extensive list of American food - from burgers, to salads, to soups, and, most especially, ribs and grilled meat.

For appetizers, my sister and I had soup. Their Chunky Tomato Soup was delicious, more like a full-on vegetable soup in creamy tomato sauce. However, I was disappointed with the soup's temperature - it was lukewarm and not as hot as I would have liked.

As for our main course, both my sister and I ordered from their grilled menu. The Chicken Marsala I ordered came with two sides of my choosing: Buttered Veggies and Country Potato

I was surprised with their serving size. The grilled chicken was generous, so were their buttered vegetables and potatoes. As with traditional Cajun cuisine, the use of herbs and spices is liberal and is apparent in the taste and aroma of the food. The chicken was moist, tender, and drowning in delicious Marsala sauce.

We were also surprised with how huge their drinks are, which makes me thankful that we didn't order bottomless drinks.

The Staff and Service

The staff was friendly enough but the service leaves a lot to be desired. It would have been a better experience if they served the soup hot. Also, their staff responds slower than I am used to.

Must-Try Items

Cajun's Mustard Peppered Chicken is always a treat. It features a juicy mustard sauce laced with fresh ground pepper poured on a large piece of grilled chicken.

Also, their Espresso Crispy Chicken is worth a try. It is composed of two slices of grilled chicken topped with espresso sauce and cream sauce. For me, it's an acquired taste. Believe me, I didn't like it the first time, but I've grown accustomed to its bittersweet taste since then.

Price Range: Php200-Php500 per person