By Jillian Hee

The summer heat these days has gone extreme. The unbearable heat contributes to a morning headache and excessive sweating. I could also picture frying eggs on the streets in just minimal time.

With the summer heat becoming more intense, there is nothing more rewarding than a cold and refreshing drink. The idea of sipping a beverage filled with ice is the only solution I know to somehow lessen the heat this season.

The new Mcdonald’s Summer Medley Float is the answer to this. The Mcdonald's commercial featuring new McFloat variants along with the ‘Walking on Sunshine’ song playing on the background looks appealing and very much refreshing. It makes me want to try new McFloat variants right away.

I am a great fan of Mcdonald's Coke Float so when I learned that there are new flavors, I became interested.
The new Mcdonald’s Summer Medley Floats introduce exciting new flavors such as Blueberry, Green Apple, Four Seasons, and Honey Banana McFloat.  These Summer Medley floats are Sprite-based and were added syrup to add flavor.

When I got the chance to visit Mcdonald's, I didn’t hesitate to convert my drinks to a Summer Medley Float variant. And since I love the usual four seasons drink, I ordered it first. I took a sip and found it refreshing but too sweet.The fruits of the four seasons were not present at all. I was really expecting to taste the four seasons flavors. The Sprite has overpowered the flavor and I didn’t enjoy it as much as the regular Coke Float.

When I ate at Mcdonald’s the other day, I ordered the Green Apple Float. Compared to the Four Seasons Float, this variant is better-tasting. I really had a good time sipping my float because the apple flavor is present. Mcdonald’s did a great job on this flavor.

The Honey Banana Float was also flavorful. I’ve tasted a right combination of banana and honey. It was not too sweet just like the Four Seasons Float. The delicate sweetness of honey complements the soda perfectly.

I haven’t tasted the Blueberry Float but my friend said it has no impact for her. The taste was just average and the blueberry flavor was not tasted at all.

Among these four variants, the Green Apple Float is the best for me. Its zesty taste makes it perfect in beating the summer heat, making you feel refreshed and cool.