By YARobles
I love to wear make-up and I have been a fan of cosmetics since my high school days. I love how it transforms the way I look. At first, I have no particular likes and dislikes when it comes to make-ups. However, in my senior year, I started to be choosy with the cosmetics I wear. I became more concerned with the effect of the product to my skin than its appearance. 

My Nichido Experience

I started using Nichido cosmetics since I graduated college. Nichido Powder Plus Foundation is one of my best friends ever since. I love how it covered my blemishes and added glow to my pale skin. The only thing I don’t like about this foundation is that it easily runs. Aside from the Plus Foundation, I also love the Mineral Kohl Pencil, a water-resistant eyeliner that perfectly adds definition to my eyes. Its particular disadvantage is that it can’t be easily removed with water. I always have a hard time removing it before going to sleep. The last but not the least of my favorite Nichido products is the Nichido True Colors Collection Powder Blush. It makes my face looks naturally rosy, but it does not last longer than I expected.  

Revlon is the BEST

Although I am contented with Nichido products, I still want to try other make-up products for a change, especially the expensive ones. So I decided to purchase a Revlon PhotoReady™ Powder Foundation. At first, I hesitated to buy it because of its high price. However, the saleslady convinced me to take it. I tried it to my face and it was perfect. It last longer than I expect it to last. I never regretted the amount of money I have spent for it. It was really worth the price. 

All in all, I am satisfied with these two cosmetic brands. Their price is just right for their effectiveness. Nevertheless, I would still prefer the Nichido brand because it is much more practical to purchase than Revlon.