Look I can see myself!
These days, most people already have mobile phones but a big number is starting to catch up on having digital cameras. This is maybe because they want to take control of their social network lives. These individuals no longer want to depend on grabbing existing images online. They have the money to spend on a good camera but they want to settle for the most affordable brand.

For people who are not gadget savvy, the new Samsung DV300F digital camera is something that won't break the bank but will still make you feel like a professional.

I chose it over the new Canon digital camera that has 8x zoom for that macro effect coz I figured that this Samsung brand has more fancy hooks:

1) Dual LCD for those times when you want to take your own photo but couldn't because there's no one else around

2) Animation on the front LCD to get the attention of babies and pets to look at the camera lens and get that golden reaction for a shot

3) Easy-to-browse program

4) Gadget-savvy friends will love its compatibility with android phones and 3D television sets (I still have to know how these work!)
Stakeout Factor: My brothers will find stalking girls more fun
5) Instant email capability of photos using the camera via wifi (This is sooo convenient for me.)

6) Reasonable pricing (at least from the store I bought mine) at P10,900; some shops sell it for P12,500 so don't bite the bait; better check out more shops to know the best price