Fashion is making people creative and experimental, especially in these days. They are able to make a statement and interpretation of themselves through an expression of style. Indeed, fashion has become a worldwide custom since the popular styling or practice keeps trending every now and then.

Fashion styles keep changing and people are the only ones that keep them up. It just goes on as it produces new wave of styles and designs. Everyone can make their own fashion styles. It just depends on how they carry it as an individual.

Clothing, shoes, and accessories, these are the ones that create fashion for people. And when we say trending, we mean by something that is currently popular. And speaking of popular, Vintage is one fashion look that keeps trending. I guess, it's really in demand.

Vintage is the old things originated from previous era, treated as second-hand, and the antique look that usually comes back from season to season. This is a term used by people to clarify a garment, shoes, accessory, or anything that looks old and classic.

Vintage styles have returned with a creative touch. It is true that history repeats itself in the fashion industry. Let's start talking about the vintage dresses. Vintage dresses bring confidence to every woman. It has a sense of pride that comes from the fit and appearance. It is all about the details. Vintage simply stands out from modern dresses. Maybe because of the already “known features”. Some vintage dresses feature vibrant color palettes and geometric prints and designs.

When it comes to shoes, vintage shoes are most likely from the Victorian era. It is because the fashion styles were all flourished during that time period. Vintage shoes from that era were worn with heels and pointed or squared toes. And now, fashion is making them popular once again. They are just stiff and restrictive and should be worn short and tight as possible, just like the old days.

Lastly, the vintage accessories. Accessories are my favorite wearable vintage fashion, especially creative rings. Vintage accessories are commonly presented with touch of silver and gold. As for vintage rings, most of them are made with huge head. The head is usually presented as round or square and the styles depend on the time era where it came from. Some setting styles of vintage rings are granite, pearl, flower, and color pattern crystals. And these unique styles are also applied with vintage necklaces and bracelets.

In a nutshell, I just want to share how to get a vintage fashion look. So if you feel like changing your fashion look, you might want to try vintage. In addition, you can still get a vintage fashion even if it's a combination of two periods: old and modern.