It's been months since Chowking  launched its ho-hum Chinese-style fried chicken (I honestly liked their old chicken recipe) so when I got news that the fast food giant is launching its two new Chef Bowl Specials, I made sure I had one of those for lunch.

What I had was the Honey Garlic Chicken which came with layers of soft white rice, sautéed vegetables, two slices of boiled egg, the chicken smothered with honey sauce or something like it.

I recently read a press release about what I ate and Chowking apparently boasted of the Chef Bowl Specials being able to provide the consumer with mouthfuls of authentic oriental goodness. Sad to say, it was basically the culprit. It was a mouthful and the food elements just did not go well together. The egg seemed to have been at odds with the garlic-y sauce. In my mouth that is.

For P79, the Chef Bowl Specials can offer the regular office worker an alternative to the styro-oriented menu of KFC and Jollibee, but if you're looking to make every peso count, you might as well just settle for other Chowking favorites.

Want to dispute? Visit the Chef Bowl Specials' Facebook account here.
2/11/2012 11:48:23 am

hindi naman talaga masarap dyan

Spend Well Daily
3/26/2012 02:59:02 pm

LOL I disagree. I love its Yang Chow and Naicha. The pricing is good. And Chowking has somehow become cleaner. There are just some missteps that include its latest offerings.

4/2/2012 09:04:51 pm

I just ate Chowking's Chef Bowl. I have to disagree with you coz its Fish Tausi Chef Bowl selection is simply how I want my fish fix to taste like. Sometimes I just want bangus to be something else. And the fish tausi special is a delicious alternative for me.

6/14/2012 09:09:14 pm

I'll keep your review in mind on my next visit to Chowking. Thanks!

12/2/2013 02:42:46 pm

I have a presentation next week,and I am on the look for such information.


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