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It is a wise move giving a Gift Certificate (GC) like SM Gift Pass and Robinsons Gift Certificate to an acquaintance especially when you don’t know them personally. A GC is also an ideal gift for newlyweds for a more clever shopping. However, some people think that purchasing it is unwise because of its expiration date.

The Complaint

Recipients of GCs are usually getting pressured to use the GC they have received because of the date it will expire. Instead of using the GC when they need it, they hurry to consume it, which is against the rule of right spending.

The Solution

So to solve these complaints, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) ordered that Gift Certificates should have no expiry date starting July 1, 2012. GCs will be immortal in no time. Hooray! This was ordered for the reason that these GCs are considered “good as cash” since they are bought as a gift for future use. However, GCs that will be produced starting July 15 onwards will be given a two-year validity for the preparation of the retailers to produce secured Gift Certificates.

Because of this order from DTI, more consumers will surely consider Gift Certificates for a gift. It will now be wiser for consumers to purchase a GC because of its convenience - less time and effort and no hurrying on the part of recipients.

6/25/2012 11:42:00 pm

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