_Thinking about where to go for lunch has been a daily ordeal for me and and my office mates. Being in the central district also gives us few choices to choose from when thinking about where to eat so we often stick with the usual. But when we see a poster announcing the coming of a new variety of McDonald's Burger, we definitely made sure to try how Big and Tasty it is.

I've only got to try McDonald's regular burger, cheeseburger and double cheeseburger but my office buddy is really a burger fan. I once teased her about how crazy it is to eat a quarter pounder but she just laughed and told me to try it too. Nah ah, I'm not really a burger fan, but this Big and Tasty thing captured my fancy.

The Big and Tasty costs P145 for a burger, fries and drinks. A little expensive right, but after giving it much thought, I can surely say it's worth it. The burger patty is big, and juicy unlike their other burgers. I've later learned the patty used here is the same kind used in quarter pounder. The burger is also stuffed with lots of lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. I first thought that I may not get easily get fed up of the veggies but I actually enjoyed it. The burger is so tasty you'll gonna finish it to the last bite and end up definitely full and satisfied.

This Big and Tasty burger is made even yummier with a unique Smokey sauce that has certain sweetness and spiciness in it. The cheese also made the burger more pleasing to my taste and made me munch it with so much gusto.

If you haven't tried this McDonald's Burger yet, I really hope you'll get past through staring at the menu and actually order it because, man! This is really good! How about you? What's your Big and Tasty Moment?

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