By Jillian Hee
The intense summer heat makes my face oilier than ever. Sun exposure, even for several minutes, easily made me look haggard and exhausted. The strong sunlight effortlessly overpowered my ordinary face powder, and thus made my face sparkling with oil. And because of this, I need a powder that can somehow reduce the oil on my face. Maybelline Clear Smooth promised to give a longer-lasting cover up so I decided to give it a try.

The Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-One case comes in rectangular pink compact. Compared to the Maybelline Clear Extra Smooth foundation, the Maybelline Clear Smooth has a wider mirror and a separate place for the sponge applicator. It is also lightweight and perfectly fits inside a small bag or purse. However, it is much smaller compared to the foundation that comes in round shape.

What I love about this powder foundation is its nice smell and smooth texture. When I spread it on my face, it lightened my skin and covered some of my blemishes and imperfection. It removes oil on my T-zone. And as compared to other powder foundation I’ve tried, it lasted longer than I expected. More so, it has SPF 25 which is much higher compared to other brands. It’s best to wear during mornings since it has a higher UV rays protection. It is recommended for those who have oily skin and for those who wanted a quick fix on ordinary days.  

Another thing that made me purchase this product is its affordable price. It costs only Php 249 for the whole compact and Php 149 for the refill. It is much cheaper as compared to other branded powder foundation. Also, it doesn’t easily get consumed because you don’t need numerous application.

The only setback of this product is its small sponge - it’s too small for my hands. Aside from that, this powder foundation is good. All in all, I was satisfied with this powder foundation. I will definitely purchase it again next time.
4/29/2014 04:25:38 pm

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