By YARobles
I never drink any coffee other than Nescafe before. For me, it is the only delicious and refreshing coffee that keeps me alert at work. However, someone gave me a sachet of San Mig Coffee one night that I was lethargic from lack of sleep. At first, I refused to drink it; but since I had no choice at that time, I drank it.

After that first encounter with San Mig Coffee, I did not try drinking it again because my loyalty was still with Nescafe. When I craved for coffee again, I drank Nescafe, but was completely surprised that I disliked its taste. It was like smoking a cigarette - I hated that it smelled like one too. I really wanted to drink coffee that time so I, again, drank San Mig Coffee.

The perfectly balanced taste of its ingredients - the coffee, sugar, and cream - and the aroma hypnotized my taste buds. I loved its excellent sweetness and creaminess. It tasted really good that I cannot forget its flavor unconsciously.

After I tasted it again, it is now my favorite. It supersedes Nescafe, my old buddy. However, coffee is still bad for me. For those who have acidic stomachs, no coffee is ever recommended as it is as bad for the stomach as drinking fresh juice. Though I had a great experience drinking San Mig Coffee, I still refrain from drinking it.

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