By: Trish Zamora

Having a snack in the middle of the morning is an indulgence that I seldom partake in. However, when I do get the chance, I grab it.

An errand had me hurrying through the revolving doors of Shangri-La Plaza. Once the errand was done, my feet led me to Secret Recipe for an indulging brunch.

Dining in Style

Secret Recipe has numerous branches in Manila, but their Shangri-La branch is my favorite so far. They have about tables that seat 20-30 people inside while their tables on the terrace seats another 20. I took a booth outside as it was more intimate during that time of day. After a hard shift at work, I needed the peace and quiet.

The booths were comfortable and their staff ensured that I had everything I needed.

Perfect Place for a Snack

For brunch, I ordered their Cornish Chicken with a pot of jasmine green tea.

Their Cornish Chicken pie is served hot, just the way I liked it. Unlike the other pies I've tasted, Secret Recipe's is a delicious combination of spicy cornish chicken wrapped in soft, crunchy crust.

And the tea. Mmm, the tea. A small pot of steaming organic jasmine tea, served with sugar and a smaller pot of cream. This pot is great for two servings. They also offer a choice of Earl Gray and English Breakfast tea.

Service Staff is Okay-ish

I asked one staff what he would recommend for lunch. He paused for a long time before answering. Mind you, this was not a test of their skills; I just couldn't decide what to eat and thought that he could help me out.

Must-Try Items

I have acquired a few Secret Recipe favorites through all the times I have visited the place. Following is my list of Must-Try Secret Recipe Items.
  • For lunch or dinner, try their Asian food selections. My favorites are Green Curry Chicken (real spicy, unlike the other curry dishes I've tried) and the Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (great for chilly and rainy days).
  • Their Roasted Chicken with Turmeric Sauce is always a treat. The sauce perfectly combines with the chicken and the side dishes of vegetables make the dish all the more wonderful. 
  • Ah, the cheesecakes. Perfect for dessert, they have a wide variety of cheesecakes to offer. My personal favorite is the marble cheesecake which, when paired with hot jasmine green tea, is a nice  conclusion to a lovely meal.
  • For cold drinks, their special blend of Iced Tea is always a must-try.  I don't know what it is about this drink that makes me return to Secret Recipe, especially on a hot summer's day. 
If you are looking for a quiet place to have brunch, Secret Recipe is a restaurant I recommend.

Price Range: Php100-400

Jansen Uy
5/11/2012 06:05:18 pm

Secret Recipe has the best cheese cake slices in the metro. A slice is good for sharing by 2 people.

5/16/2012 07:15:42 pm

Pancake House has increased prices this month. Ridiculous! Have Secret Recipe done the same thing already?

5/19/2012 06:38:20 am

We went to Secret Recipe for Mother's Day and I didn't notice an increase in their prices. Must be Pancake House only. :)

5/19/2012 06:41:34 am

@Jansen: A fellow cheese cake fan, I see!


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