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Uniqlo’s “MADE FOR ALL” philosophy is well-proven with every clothes they offer, from the simplest to highly stylish casuals. Their bus ad also captured my eyes, its simplicity perfectly embodies their purpose for the ad. From its unique brand name to the style of their clothes, and the models/endorsers, Filipinos will surely patronize them.

The Clothes

UTUniqlo offers tees for men and women with popular designs like Peanuts/Snoopy, Barbie, Hello Kitty, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and a lot more.

Japanese Engineered Denim. They offer straight jeans for both gender at its best. Expect quality with their jeans. Get P400 off on their Regular Fit Straight Color and Straight Jeans (classic) for men and on their Color Skinny and Skinny Fit Straight Jeans from June 15 to July 5.

M’s Polo Shirts. Uniqlo offers their polo-shirt for men in four types; Dry Pique (a basic necessity), Washed Polo (faded texture), Dry Mesh (Smooth feel), and the most unique of all their polo shirts, the Dry Anti Odor Polo Shirts.

W’s Polo Shirts. For women, they offer polo shirts in three types: Stretch Pique, Washed, and Stretch Pique Polo Dress.

Bratop. This is the most intriguing apparel Uniqlo has. This is a two-in-one clothing: a bra and a top at the same time. Women can actually wear this without a bra. Choose from a Bra Camisole or Bra Tank Top.

Visit Uniqlo at the Mall of Asia today!
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