By YARobles
I have known Yellow Cab since I was in college and way back then it became one of my favorite places to eat pasta and pizza. My experience has always been outstanding. The place was casual and perfect for simple occasions. Also, the food was very good and the prices were just right.

Wonderful Experience Then

I usually hung out with my friends for food tripping at Yellow Cab in Morayta. Unlike eating out at other pizza stores, Yellow Cab gave us an ambiance for students who just wanted to eat and chat with friends. Pizza Hut, Shakey’s, and other pizza shops proffer a formal ambiance not apt for students. Their crews were consistently polite and friendly when serving us our orders. They also commonly offered us a hand when we want our picture taken. We were pleased to feel that we were always welcome to come back to their shop.

Experience Now

My family and I recently visited Yellow Cab Pizza in Imus to eat dinner after a very tiring but enjoyable day. As we were approaching, we were surprised by the volume of customers inside that shop that we were doubtful about buying dinner there. However, we decided to just go ahead, for we were too exhausted and hungry.

While my mom was ordering, I was observing the crew and I found that they weren’t amiable enough. They were robotic and unsmiling when they took orders to the point that I cannot consider them doing good customer service ever. After taking our order, the crew advised us to wait for the food. However, they didn’t inform us how long we were to wait. We waited patiently for almost an hour, just sitting there at the waiting area and not even one apology from the crew was heard. We went home disappointed because of their poor customer service.

When we got home, we immediately ate the food we purchased at Yellow Cab. I first ate the pizza and it tasted so delicious that I almost forgot all the disappointments their crews have given us. The hot wings were just average, because they were not as spicy as what I expected. The pasta was just okay. Everything we ate was good enough aside from the pizza.

I can’t call it a completely bad experience for me, because I think not every staffs of Yellow Cab Pizza is the same as these guys. The pizza had done a lot for every failure they gave us. If the pizza was not that delightful enough for us, we will not dare try eating at their pizza shop again. 
The Hero that Saves the Day
Rene Iloilo
4/20/2012 11:18:16 am

Your bad experience is really unfortunate. I love Yellow Cab's fast and efficient delivery. Maybe next time, don't dine there anymore. Just order for delivery LOL


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