I love Nivea Body’s tagline for Double Effect. It says, “Shave Less and Stay Smoother for Longer” but this doesn’t catch my attention. I am not a frequent user of deodorant, so I don’t really appreciate any such thing.

However, my mom bought me this Nivea Double Effect and that was the first time I ever used a deodorant. I love that its color is lavender and it smells fresh. So now I have a reason to use it and when I started using it, it became my best buddy.

Its 48-hour effect lasts for real - no sweat. Also, its smell stays longer than its effect. I shave less often and it makes my underarm really smooth. It easily dries up so I feel more comfortable after applying it and all throughout the day. I am glad as well that it doesn’t darken my underarm.

Now, I realized that their tagline says it all. “Shave Less” - true, “Stay Smoother for Longer” - more than enough. However, this product is not recommended if you need a deodorant for excessive underarm sweating. It also cannot be used to whiten your underarm for it is not purposely for whitening.

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