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This week's Movie: The Avengers (2012)

Eye-candy battle scene
I've so far fell asleep during 3 high-adventure movies: Transformers 1, Transformers 2, and Wrath of The Titans. There was something about robots and gods fighting and lacking integrity in the process that did not appeal to me. Dozing off to sleep was the next best thing to keeping my eyes open.

I was scared that the same experience would happen to me watching The Avengers (2012). Interestingly, I did not need any food to keep me awake. I did not notice how the air conditioning inside the cinema was weak. I was just enthralled by the  movie. I loved how the director managed to keep my interest during fight scenes. The characters' personalities blend well with their fighting skills. I honestly rooted for them during most of the battle scenes.

I remember watching Thor (2011) and it effectively engaged me as a viewer... anticipating the next scene one after the other. The first installment of Iron Man and the most recent Hulk movie also had that effect on me. It was reasonable that The Avengers was something that I'd love so much as a movie ticket spender.
Eraldine Suico
5/4/2012 06:05:07 pm

Like! Like! Like! This movie is sooo worth my P200!

5/16/2012 07:13:59 pm

I agree. Better than wasting one's time watching Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang.

5/9/2012 03:30:18 pm

hindi ko pa ito napapanood

5/16/2012 07:13:17 pm

You already have a new car, Raft3r. Get your ass out of the office and go to the nearest mall. Iron Man's sooo funny.

5/30/2012 05:02:48 pm

i watched it na
astig si hulk

inuna ko kasi ang the road kesa avengers
the road pa din ako

7/29/2012 04:14:08 pm

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