By Trish Zamora

No Italian restaurant is safe when my friends and I are around.

We visited Joey Pepperoni at the DBP-Makati to take advantage of their Pizza All-You-Can Promo. Since we all love great Italian food, I thought this was the best way to catch up with each other.

We ordered both the Mushroom Pepperoni and Ham and Bacon with bottomless iced tea. We also included a plate of Mozzarella Sticks and Pesto Pasta. About ten minutes after taking our order, the servers arrived with our food.

The pizzas were thin crust and stuffed with toppings, just the way we liked it. The Mushroom Pepperoni pizza was a great combination of vegetables and meat but I found the Ham and Bacon too oily.

The Mozzarella sticks were thick and filling, unlike the others I've tasted. The pasta, however, lacked taste.

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner and the talk we had.

Price Range: Php100 - Php500

_Thinking about where to go for lunch has been a daily ordeal for me and and my office mates. Being in the central district also gives us few choices to choose from when thinking about where to eat so we often stick with the usual. But when we see a poster announcing the coming of a new variety of McDonald's Burger, we definitely made sure to try how Big and Tasty it is.

I've only got to try McDonald's regular burger, cheeseburger and double cheeseburger but my office buddy is really a burger fan. I once teased her about how crazy it is to eat a quarter pounder but she just laughed and told me to try it too. Nah ah, I'm not really a burger fan, but this Big and Tasty thing captured my fancy.

The Big and Tasty costs P145 for a burger, fries and drinks. A little expensive right, but after giving it much thought, I can surely say it's worth it. The burger patty is big, and juicy unlike their other burgers. I've later learned the patty used here is the same kind used in quarter pounder. The burger is also stuffed with lots of lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. I first thought that I may not get easily get fed up of the veggies but I actually enjoyed it. The burger is so tasty you'll gonna finish it to the last bite and end up definitely full and satisfied.

This Big and Tasty burger is made even yummier with a unique Smokey sauce that has certain sweetness and spiciness in it. The cheese also made the burger more pleasing to my taste and made me munch it with so much gusto.

If you haven't tried this McDonald's Burger yet, I really hope you'll get past through staring at the menu and actually order it because, man! This is really good! How about you? What's your Big and Tasty Moment?
By YARobles

The last time I went to Yellow Cab was unpleasant. Their customer service was poor and their pizza was the only thing that saved the day. Since that incident, I have been sceptical about returning to their branch in Imus. However, I am still hoping for a better service from them in the future.

Reply From Yellow Cab

A month after I posted this blog about my experience in Yellow Cab Pizza Imus, we have received a response from one of their customer service representatives apologizing for the incident.

My Reaction

I was happy with what this representative did on behalf of Yellow Cab. I find that their actions were honorable and that their effort to find this blog was outstanding. I felt that they are sincere enough to reach out in order to give their best in providing quality service for their customers.

New Experience

We decided to try again when we ordered online for their latest flavor, the Lana’i BBQ Chicken Pizza from the People Support branch in Makati. Delivery time was quick. The hickory-smoked barbecue sauce perfectly matched its cheese. Our tummies were fully satisfied with the overwhelming chicken barbecue strips, red onions, and pineapple bits. Yellow Cab is great in creating a new pizza that everybody will enjoy. You will surely enjoy it too.


By: Trish Zamora
My sister knows me too well: she knows that the only reason why I would accompany her to U.P. to get her diploma is if food was involved. And she promised me Italian food in a quaint little restaurant a ways off the main campus if I go with her in the middle of the day.

With one hand carrying her diploma and the other holding the door open for me, my sister introduced me to a favorite restaurant among U.P. students: Friuli Trattoria.

The Area

When she said "quaint", she meant quaint. The restaurant -- sorry -- trattoria is cozy but inviting. The inside was small, consisting of a counter and three tables that seats four people each. The decor was simple with attractive photos on the wall. Wide windows give a good view of the quiet street.

We sat inside the restaurant because of the air conditioner, but if you want alfresco dining, you can always make use of the tables outside.

Affordable Italian Food

One thing I can say about their menu: they have an expansive pizza list. They have a variety of vegetarian pizza and meat pizza, which is something that you don't ordinarily see in Italian restaurants. However, their pasta menu is ordinary and nothing stood out.

Since we are starving that day, we decided to skip appetizers and just went ahead with the main course. Our tuna carbonara was surprising as we didn't know that it was spicy. Other than that observation, the pasta was ordinary.

The margherita pizza we ordered was better than the pasta. The crust was cooked perfectly and it has a generous amount of toppings. However, nothing about its taste stood out.

'Not as good as before.'

My sister was quite disappointed with the food. She used to frequent Friuli when she was still a student and she said that the food now was 'not as good as before.' 

Since it was my first time there, I wouldn't know what the food tasted like before. I do know, however, that sampling Friuli's fare was pleasant enough, but lacked that oompth factor.

Friuli Trattoria is located at 79A Maginhawa Street, U.P. Village, Quezon City.

Price Range: Php100-300
Cajun Red Rock by Chef Tony

By: Trish Zamora

Spending time with my sister these days are too few and far between, which is why we never miss a chance to hang out whenever we can. It was during one of these times that our tired feet and hungry stomachs led us to Cajun Red Rock at SM Megamall.

Cajun Red Rock

Cajun Red Rock (pronounced as cay-joon) is an American restaurant that serves Cajun cuisine. Their staff greeted us the minute we stepped into their restaurant. We were seated quickly by the booths and immediately given their menu.

The Menu

Cajun has an extensive list of American food - from burgers, to salads, to soups, and, most especially, ribs and grilled meat.

For appetizers, my sister and I had soup. Their Chunky Tomato Soup was delicious, more like a full-on vegetable soup in creamy tomato sauce. However, I was disappointed with the soup's temperature - it was lukewarm and not as hot as I would have liked.

As for our main course, both my sister and I ordered from their grilled menu. The Chicken Marsala I ordered came with two sides of my choosing: Buttered Veggies and Country Potato

I was surprised with their serving size. The grilled chicken was generous, so were their buttered vegetables and potatoes. As with traditional Cajun cuisine, the use of herbs and spices is liberal and is apparent in the taste and aroma of the food. The chicken was moist, tender, and drowning in delicious Marsala sauce.

We were also surprised with how huge their drinks are, which makes me thankful that we didn't order bottomless drinks.

The Staff and Service

The staff was friendly enough but the service leaves a lot to be desired. It would have been a better experience if they served the soup hot. Also, their staff responds slower than I am used to.

Must-Try Items

Cajun's Mustard Peppered Chicken is always a treat. It features a juicy mustard sauce laced with fresh ground pepper poured on a large piece of grilled chicken.

Also, their Espresso Crispy Chicken is worth a try. It is composed of two slices of grilled chicken topped with espresso sauce and cream sauce. For me, it's an acquired taste. Believe me, I didn't like it the first time, but I've grown accustomed to its bittersweet taste since then.

Price Range: Php200-Php500 per person
By: Trish Zamora

As a pizza and pasta lover, it was an automatic decision to try out Papa John's as soon as they opened in Megamall.

The Decor

Photos of food are always inviting and Papa John's makes good use of them. Large photos cover their walls, which accentuate their dedication to fresh ingredients. The lighting is warm and cozy and it goes well with their high-backed booths and square tables.

The Service

The Papa John's staff is well trained. They give helpful suggestions regarding their daily specials and food choices, giving me and my companion a demonstration of their exceptional customer service.

What We Ordered

If you want to have small nibbles before your pizza, they have a list of tasty and mouthwatering appetizers. They have soups, salads, and luscious cheese sticks to get you started. They also have side dishes of calzones, fried chicken, and onion rings.

Their pasta menu, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired. The serving size was small and their pasta flavors are common. It's not bad nor good - it's mediocre.

Papa John's pizzas are something worth trying. Moist and filled with toppings, their crust retain their crispiness even after some time. An expansive pizza list gives you more choices than the regular cheese, meat, and vegan toppings. They also cater to people who like spicy pizzas. Their Texas Heat and Spicy Italian Meatball pizzas add just the right amount of spice to liven up your appetite.

Must-Try Items

In all of the restaurants I visit, I always have my must-try items. These items slowly become favorites and the restaurant can expect me to buy them again. For Papa John's my must-try items are their mozzarella sticks and Italian Sodas.

Presented on a wooden platter, their mozzarella sticks are served straight from the oven. Unlike in other restaurants, Papa John's mozzarella sticks are good enough for a group of three. They are generously filled with mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection.

First time I've heard of an Italian soda was when my companion and I first ate at Papa John's. Their Italian sodas are composed of a clear soda, a generous serving of syrup at the bottom of the glass, a thick slice of lemon, and a red cherry. This combination is sweet, fizzy, and ultimately refreshing.

All in all, it's a delightful experience. And in my book, that's a good enough reason to go back.

Price Range: 200-500 per person
By YARobles
I have known Yellow Cab since I was in college and way back then it became one of my favorite places to eat pasta and pizza. My experience has always been outstanding. The place was casual and perfect for simple occasions. Also, the food was very good and the prices were just right.

Wonderful Experience Then

I usually hung out with my friends for food tripping at Yellow Cab in Morayta. Unlike eating out at other pizza stores, Yellow Cab gave us an ambiance for students who just wanted to eat and chat with friends. Pizza Hut, Shakey’s, and other pizza shops proffer a formal ambiance not apt for students. Their crews were consistently polite and friendly when serving us our orders. They also commonly offered us a hand when we want our picture taken. We were pleased to feel that we were always welcome to come back to their shop.

Experience Now

My family and I recently visited Yellow Cab Pizza in Imus to eat dinner after a very tiring but enjoyable day. As we were approaching, we were surprised by the volume of customers inside that shop that we were doubtful about buying dinner there. However, we decided to just go ahead, for we were too exhausted and hungry.

While my mom was ordering, I was observing the crew and I found that they weren’t amiable enough. They were robotic and unsmiling when they took orders to the point that I cannot consider them doing good customer service ever. After taking our order, the crew advised us to wait for the food. However, they didn’t inform us how long we were to wait. We waited patiently for almost an hour, just sitting there at the waiting area and not even one apology from the crew was heard. We went home disappointed because of their poor customer service.

When we got home, we immediately ate the food we purchased at Yellow Cab. I first ate the pizza and it tasted so delicious that I almost forgot all the disappointments their crews have given us. The hot wings were just average, because they were not as spicy as what I expected. The pasta was just okay. Everything we ate was good enough aside from the pizza.

I can’t call it a completely bad experience for me, because I think not every staffs of Yellow Cab Pizza is the same as these guys. The pizza had done a lot for every failure they gave us. If the pizza was not that delightful enough for us, we will not dare try eating at their pizza shop again. 
The Hero that Saves the Day